Founding Engineer ($3k-5k/mo + stock)
Remote (EU)
Mid-level +2 · Full time
Posted 5 months ago
HockeyStack is an end-to-end analytics tool for SaaS businesses. It collects and helps analyze data from all parts of the SaaS customer journey - marketing, sales, revenue, and product engagement. 
Our goal is to make tracking and gaining insights from all this data easier and faster. This includes building great UX for custom visualizations, building highly accurate integrations, and writing efficient queries for the most common use cases. 
We are looking for: 
- Experience in Node.js, MongoDB, and SQL databases. 
- We are a data analytics company, which means you should be able to write and improve complex SQL queries and return data in any needed format. 
- Prior startup experience (optional, but be aware that we need you to fit right into a fast-paced environment) 
- Generalists 
- Open to learning, adapting to new environments, and wearing different hats 
- Clear & frequent communicators 
- User-centric thinking 
- An aptitude for shipping fast 
- Taking initiative without waiting for input 
- Excellent written and verbal English skills 
We provide you with: 
- Competitive salary and stock option (3-5k$/mo + stock) 
- Private health insurance 
- Laptop for work 
- Remote work 
- Flexible hours 
- Ability to set the course of a young and fast-growing startup 
- An exciting work experience with unique engineering challenges 
- Digital subscriptions to needed services 
Our hiring process 
1. Initial chat (15-30 mins) 
2. A fully compensated take-home project (4-5 hours), can be waived based on experience 
3. Culture fit interview (1 hour) 
4. Coffee or dinner with founders to welcome you (2 hours)
HockeyStack is a SaaS analytics tool used by 7000+ companies in 89+ countries.
Size:  1-10 employees
Year Founded:  2021
Dijital Ürünler's Notes
Dijital Ürünler
Curator of Dijital Ürünler - Yetenek Kolektifi
Türkiye'de adını kısa zaman içinde çokça duyacağınıza inandığım bir SaaS startup'ında 'founding engineer' olma fırsatı kesinlikle incelemeye değer...
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