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Komünite is a micro-funding platform and an indie hacker community for creators in Turkey. We help creators build and scale their micro-saas businesses, design kits, ebooks, dev kits and all kinds of products that are related to creator economy. We have more than 250 members and we offer education programs, community support, funding, marketing and sales support to our community members.
Today designers, trainers, developers, musicians and professionals from many professions around the world choose to sell their efforts in a value-added way with "productization" methods and techniques. Those who do not product their time and profession will continue to sell their time in return for their monthly salaries.
Turkey's most talented creators come together and try to take their ideas and careers one step further with the help of Komünite. We are not trying to change the world. We are trying to make products that people can use, benefit from, read and learn.
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Manage the production and content of the publications to be delivered on time and to the highest quality level of editorial content and expertise
  • Edit a variety of content, including articles, photo essays and news posts
  • Set the strategic editorial policy for the site that fit to the company’s overall goals
  • Meet targets for growing the reach, loyalty and engagement of the site’s audience
  • Research markets and topic areas to identify the latest information and industry relevant content
  • Apply SEO best practices at all times
  • Edit content from well-known authors
  • Ensure the site’s work across all platforms meets the highest standards of editorial excellence and positions the site as authoritative and agenda-setting
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Experience editing or writing in a corporate blog
  • Ability to generate original ideas for creative and engaging content
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong collaborative skills, including experience of liaising with stakeholders across the company
  • Experience in a content-focused role
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Impeccable editing, writing, and headline-writing abilities
  • Solid knowledge of key related SEO concepts
  • Excellent research and ability to access accurate information
The biggest creator community of Turkey
Size:  1-10 employees
Dijital Ürünler's Notes
Dijital Ürünler
Curator of Dijital Ürünler - Yetenek Kolektifi
Geleceğin çalışma şekilleri, büyük ölçekli de olsa ürün geliştirmek; e-bültende de sıklıkla üzerinde durduğum bir konu. Komünite de süper bir ekiple bu alanda çok değerli bir noktada konumlanıyor. Komünite ekibinin bir parçası olmak da eminim keyifli olacaktır, özellikle sürekli yaratıcı profilindeki kişilerle tanışmak ayrı bir keyif olsa gerek.
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