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About Us


Meet one of the best startups in Turkey. Kolay’s journey started in 2015, with the desire to simplify and ease the work of human resources in companies and organizations all over the world, and allow their employees to funnel their energy and time on various other activities.


Today, Kolay is a cloud-based HR management software that smooths the processes to manage expenses, leaves, overtimes, shifts, and much more, and is trusted by more than 6.500 companies/organizations and 250k employees worldwide.


As the Product department, we strive to craft the best solutions to serve the needs of our users and solve their problems, and we are eager to change for the best how human resources work.


About You


We think of you as a product manager who strives for identifying, defining, and prioritizing what are the right users’ problems and needs to work on next, but who is also capable of shaping solutions up and validating and iterating on them by means of prototypes.


At Kolay, you will own and follow the design of our product modules and features, starting from their definition to their release and beyond. We believe that the right discussions fuel healthy products, so we are always up to talk with our customers and users, as well as with our stakeholders, designers, developers, and testers.


As a product manager, you will work on web and mobile interfaces for our Kolay web and mobile apps, with a specific focus on the latter. You might focus on improving an existing feature, define a new one from scratch, or redefine from the ground-up how something works.


Responsibilities (What will I do?)


You will:


  • own and follow product features to ease the work of our users, starting from their definition to release and beyond
  • discuss and align with different departments to identify, understand and define business and product goals, problems, and outcomes
  • conduct quantitative and/or qualitative research to discover, understand and define our users’ needs, problems, and outcomes
  • analyze the market and competition, compare the product against the current industry standards and trends, and anticipate future ones
  • be on top of the stream of user feedback by investigating discoveries and framing them as actionable problems, ready to be solved
  • interpret, digest, synthesize and document all learnings, insights, and conclusions, and share and champion them with others to fuel and inform product decisions and roadmaps
  • define product roadmaps, and identify, prioritize and scope the right problems and opportunities to focus on next
  • explore, ideate, and define high-level solutions to problems through requirement documents and high-level/low-fidelity prototypes
  • circulate solutions and prototypes among different departments, validate them with users and stakeholders, and iterate on them according to the feedback received
  • deep dive into the product details, and define technical requirements and acceptance criteria
  • coordinate with the product and development departments to scope, phase, and plan the designing and developing of the chosen solutions in iterative sprints
  • support and guide product designers, developers, and testers during releases, and ensure the shipping of high-quality solutions


Requirements (What qualities and skills do I need?)


We think you:


  • embody an Agile work mindset
  • have experience managing digital products (min. 4 years experience)
  • put people first and embrace a user-centric approach
  • are able to rationalize, explain and stand behind product decisions
  • are able to tell facts from assumptions upon which problems sit
  • embrace a scientific mindset to: construct hypotheses, devise and run experiments, collect and analyze data and feedback, draw and communicate conclusions
  • have a growth mindset, be innately curious, strive to learn new things, and share them with others
  • have excellent written and verbal communication skills (Turkish and English) to create and walk others through presentations, prototypes, and documentation
  • are familiar with product design and prototype tools such as Figma, Sketch, Principle, InVision, …




  • Being part of one of Turkey’s most successful startup
  • Competitive salary
  • Remote working opportunity (we are a fully remote company)
  • Premium private health insurance
  • Training and learning support


How to Apply


Please submit an application that tells us about yourself, about what you can help Kolay with, and about the role that Kolay will play in your future.


In Kolay, we commonly speak and write in English throughout the day, so a well-written cover letter and curriculum vitae/résumé in English will surely stand out and grab our attention.


We are eager to hear from you: join and help us to ease the work of the world with Kolay

Kolay helps HR professionals to streamline their day to day tasks with an easy to use and smart SaaS platform.
Size:  11-50 employees
Funding Level:  Early-stage Startup
Total Amount Raised:  2.8 M
Year Founded:  2015
500 Startups
Galata Business Angels
Monkfish Equity
Dijital Ürünler's Notes
Dijital Ürünler
Curator of Dijital Ürünler - Yetenek Kolektifi
Türkiye'nin önde gelen SaaS girişimlerinden biri olan Kolay İK çok hızlı büyümeye devam ediyor. Kurucu ekibini benim de bizzat tanıdığım Kolay İK; inanıyorum ki her pozisyon için hem heyecanlı hem de öğretici bir yolculuk sunacaktır.
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